Admission Open for Academic year - 2020-21 for Nursery to Class III. Online lectures have started.


We welcome you in the world of global exposure through knowledge; to stand out in today’s competitive world Dilkap International School offers you courses with International Credibility Highly qualified faculty, excellent infrastructure with State-of-art classrooms, library and computer labs etc., we are sure will contribute a great deal in this effort.

We prepare students for the new economy by well laid out curriculum model, which will meet the challenges faced by the new economy through continuous interaction with corporate organizations. It makes the students ‘knowledge workers’ and ‘thinking doers’ of tomorrow. They will possess the employability skills which are integrated into the modules focusing on creative thinking, problem-solving and interpersonal and group effectiveness skills. Conscious efforts are being made to integrate the testing of these employability skills as well as students understanding of underpinning concepts in the assessment of their practical skills.

We believe that for organizations to survive, grow and thrive, one has to appreciate that the people build them from society, they are a creation of a society and they have to work for welfare, growth and development of the society. We feel proud to have produced not only successful professionals and entrepreneurs but responsible citizens and good human beings. Do you have the fire to learn, ambitions to achieve and desire to excel? We look forward to seeing you in a world-class journey of knowledge to explore the world at DIS, Dilkap International School.

Mr. Dilip Kapoor
Dilkap International School.