Admission Open for Academic year - 2020-21 for Nursery to Class III. Online lectures have started.


Prevention is better than Cure!
Health Care is the major responsibility Dilkap International School. The pollution free spacious location, a self – managed campus gives the complete purity of health. A school is a child’s second home, considering that he/she spends nearly six hours with the school premises. It is therefore mandatory thatsurroundings are hygienic and germ-free so that your child’s health is never compromised. Dilkap International School is completely focussed on providing ahigh level of cleanliness at every level, be itclassrooms, the canteens or the washrooms. Firstaid is a priority since children are a bundle ofenergy on the playground or in and around the school campus. Nevertheless, it has well serving dispensary with First Aid and necessary medicines. We have appointed a Doctor who visits DIS periodically and look after their health. In addition to this it is associated to a Hospital just 5 min away from the campus providing medical services. Besides, Fire Extinguishers are distantly placed for the fire safety and leaders and staff members are trained in handling such situation.