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Sports for Children : Independent 5 acres’ land for different sports like cricket, football and other atheletics games
Sports activities & games for kids are a source of developing all-pervasive skills needed to support them in a lifetime. There is a growing need for kids to be involved in physical activity today to counter the effects of technology that has permeated into their lives with some disastrous consequences. Dilkap have a huge school playground. Take a look at the top outdoor sports games for kids, provided at DIS to maximize their potential and help them lead a healthy lifestyle; football, cricket, running, horse riding and many more. Kids who play a sport have high levels of confidence owing to their involvement with people and following instructions. There is a sense of achievement involved when playing a sport which serves as a confidence booster and kids feel confident to take on any challenge that is posed to them.
Your child need not excel in sports, but by playing or being involved in a sport, he could grow up to be a fine individual with an affable personality.

As part of the importance to offer every student the opportunity to grow physically and practice good sportsmanship, Dilkap International School provides student-athletes with a full range of facilities and playing fields. Regular renovations and improvements to our fields and facilities speak not only to our commitment to athletics, but also to the significant role that sports play in nurturing a sense of school spirit.
Sports has gained tremendous popularity in the past few years and sportsmen have proved to be wonderful role models for the modern generation. Considering the value of sports in the overall development of your child, Dilkap International School has seamlessly merged a variety of sports in the academic curriculum. World-class coaching and training facilities within the campus ensures that your child discovers the joy and competitiveness associated with sports.