Admission Open for Academic year - 2020-21 for Nursery to Class III. Online lectures have started.



  • Parents can contact school administration office on the school number only.
  • Parents can only enter school premises with prior permission and appointment with the concerned authority.
  • An appointment should be taken on the phone only.
  • The enquiries will be handled or considered from Monday to Friday, between 1 pm – 2 pm only.
  • The parents shall inform the school administration office of any change in their address and contact numbers.
  • Ensure that your child has regular attendance and is punctual.
  • Ensure that your child comes to school neatly dressed and maintains the dress code prescribed for them on all days.
  • Parents are requested to make their complaints, if any, directly to the school administration office and not to the teachers.
  • The school expects your whole hearted participation in all the school functions and workshops conducted by the school.
  • Parents are earnestly requested to enforce regularity and discipline at home and look into their children’s school diary every day and see to it that the lessons and homework are completed before the due date.
  • Parents are expected to sign the teacher’s remarks after reading them.
  • Parents are requested not to send for or call away their children during class hours, except in the case of an emergency and that too with the permission of the School Administration directly or with an authorization letter.
  • Any leave to be taken, must be requested from the administration office at least three days prior, in writing; for which the school has complete discretion.


  • Pupils are expected to attend school on a daily basis. Pupils whose attendance is below 75% of the working days, will not be promoted to the next grade.
  • In case of illness, the school should be informed immediately. No pupil will be allowed to resume classes without a letter and medical certificate.
  • A pupil who has been absent from the school without leave will not be allowed to attend classes till the head of the school gives permission.
  • Leave of absence will not be given on the first and last days of term.
  • Non-observance of these rules will be regarded as a serious breach of discipline and may result in the pupil’s name being removed from the rolls.
  • Travel plans during term time need to get the previous sanction/permission from the School Administration Office.
  • In case of frequent absence from school, the class teacher will seek parent intervention.